Yosef Sayada's Vineyards

At the very heart of the Upper Galilee, at the western slopes of Mount Meron – at the height of 840-890 meters above sea level, you will find the vineyards planted by Yosef Sayada, scion to a farming family. Serving the Lueria winery, they extend over 180 dunam (45 acres). The unique quality of Josef’s vineyard reflects a rare combination of layers of basalt, terra Rosa and chalk in one terrain. The nature of the vineyard's terroir, its high elevation, the well-drained land, the special climate in the region, the advanced water technology, home-made organic compost – all these create excellent conditions for producing qualitative wine grapes. Yosef Sayada labors intensively, day by day, to bring out the best the vineyard can offer. Several wineries turn to Josef’s vineyard to harvest its grapes, to round off their more prestigious wines. The quality of the grapes from Josef’s vineyard is now famous, and wines made from them annually win praise and prizes.


The unique vineyard, and the widespread recognition of the grapes' quality among Israeli vintners and wine makers, gave rise to the idea of establishing a family winery. Gidi Sayada, as a vintner's son, inherited the love of the land from his father even in childhood. He took up winery studies immediately after his discharge from the IDF; Gidi is in charge of the winery and of wine production, side by side with experienced oenologists monitoring the wine making process from the harvest to the advanced aging procedures. The Lueria Winery produces every harvest year, 12 different wines from the best vineyard sections.


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Gidi Saida, son of Korem, learned the love of the land from his father as a child, beginning his studies in oenology…


Yosef Saida, a farmer-artist, a descendant of a family of farmers from Tunis, studied the nature of the land for many years…

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