Ahuzat Miryam (Miryam’s Estate)

Ahuzat Miryam (Miryam’s Estate)

This is a verdant place, nestled amidst fruit trees – cherry, walnut, apple, apricot and more – at the foothills of Mount Meron and its ridge to the west. Here you will find six opulent units for couples and families, each enjoying its total privacy with a garden of its own and a porch opening upon breathtaking landscapes.

The units are  decorated in different styles, all at the highest standard, with personally crafted designs and articles. They are particularly large and comfortable, their furniture imported from the East and from Morocco, mostly hand made. Each unit has its own particular character. All this, in addition to the fresh air, and the warm welcome from the host family, will realize the dreams of every couple, group of friends celebrating together, or family, who come  to stay here.

The Spa Cabin

This cabin is particularly grand, luxurious and classic in style. It contains a large spa pool, a 42 inch plasma screen, a hearth, dining corner, well-equipped kitchen, and a broad canopied bed with a looking glass above it. It also has its own private garden complete with swings and sun beds.

The Cherry Blossom Cabin

This is the most luxurious cabin in the compounds, mainly meant for couples interested in breaking away from the routines of life and enjoying a special treat. It is designed in palatial style in every detail: a huge jaccuzi inside, a wet sauna, and a spa pool attached outside serving the cabin guests alone. In this cabin too you will find sumptuous furniture, a looking glass above the bed, a dining corner and an equipped kitchen. The cabin garden offers total privacy, varied tropical vegetation, and hammocks offering a sense of romance and tranquility.

The Ethnic Cabin

 An octagonal cabin designed in Eastern style. It offers a welcoming canopied bed, a huge Jacuzzi, a hearth, and LCD screen which can be turned towards any corner, and of course a dining section and a kitchen. Its unique character stems from the mosaics and the elaborate wooden doors which decorate it. The furniture has been imported from Morocco and lends it a warm, ethnic ambience.

Gdayem /Tlalim:

These are large and particularly comfortable cabins, designed for both couples and families. At the main floor you will find a huge Jacuzzi, hearth, LCD screen, large canopied bed, an equipped kitchen and dining corner, and a private garden with a sitting corner.

 The cabins also have a large gallery floor with six beds, which is safe for children and offers an ideal solution to families wishing to enjoy all options. Moreover, it is also well suited for bachelor parties and group events.


The compound grounds

 All guests at the compound can enjoy a large grassy common with swings, hammocks and special bamboo shades. It offers a pastoral Galillee atmosphere, with landscape visible in every direction. At the shade of the walnut you will find a fresh waterfall adding to the sense of tranquility which envelopes all who sit by it.

 In addition, there are within the compound two more pools; an external swimming pool with sun beds and a shaded table tennis place next to it, and a large indoor spa pool with a dry sauna and a relaxation corner included. The warmed sap pool and sauna hall was built with the cool winters of Northern Israel in mind, and provides a romantic solution and a warm atmosphere even for gray days – making you cast aside all worries…