The Edge – Luxury Suites – THE EDGE

Welcome to the “edge” complex . A synergy of design service ,  intimacy , breathtaking  green and pastoral landscapes  along with clear mountain air blending with luxury boutique wine.

 Those who expect the highest standards  , luxury and service ,  and at the same time prefer the intimacy and charm ,  with breathtaking views of the Meron ridge stretching to the south ,  entire acres of winery vineyards stretching to the east and mesmerizing Galilee scenery to the north  , the end is the ideal vacation for him. Situated end Safsufa seat  ( Kfar Hoshen ),  edge of the seat to the front view extends to approximately 10  K. “From to the summit of Mount Meron.

 In addition to the edge of a spectacular pool, there are  3  luxurious boutique suites that are meticulous down to the last detail  , a private spa pool for each suite ,  and a luxury boutique wine from Luria Winery .
At the end you can enjoy professional wine tasting workshops ,  Galilean breakfasts on the suite balcony , body and beauty treatments that reach up to the suite and more …  and … and more …  because our desire is to bring our guests to the edge of the suite .

To complete the hospitality experience “at the edge – luxury suites” we invite you to a professional tasting workshop of our best wines with the addition of ancillary products in the visitor center located near the holiday complexes

King Deluxe Suite - Suite 1

"Presidential" Suite - 2 suites

Outside and yard